Nova Launcher Prime 4.2.1 Beta A1

Nova Launcher Prime is a high customizable, performance driven launcher for Android users. With Nova Launcher prime you can replace your home screen of Android version 4.1 and above. The nova launcher home is highly customazialbe and controllable. In nova launcher prime you can easily change icon themes, layouts, animations, background, themes and a lot more.

Features Of Nova launcher Prime:

Ok, Google:

Just from the home screen Nova launcher Prime enables you to use the search option of Google Play Store Just by saying Words OK, Google. This option is only available and can be used on Nova launcher Prime others launchers don’t have this facility.

Color Themes:

Set eye catching attractive themes for your display and provide different separate colors to each and every icon you use in the Nova Launcher prime.

Icon Themes:

There are millions of Icon Themes available in the Google Play Store for Nova Launcher prime which enables you to give different themes to your Nova Launcher prime any time you want and give your launcher a new and different look from time to time.

Subgrid Positioning:

Nova launcher prime provide you greater control over your handset because in Nova Launcher prime you can position your subgrids easily.

APP Drawer:

In Nova Launcher Prime you can create different drawers in the app store.


Nova Launcher Prime is very fast and smooth to use.

Additional Information:

  • The App Name is Nova Launcher Prime.
  • The version of Nova Launcher Prime is 4.2.1 Beta A1.
  • The Nova Launcher Prime was developed and designed by Teslacoilsw.launcher.
  • The Nova Launcher Prime was placed in the Personalization category of App store.
  • Nova Launcher Prime can be used on Android Version of 4.1 and above.
  • The total size of APK is 5.0 Mb.

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