Best Rackets Available For Double Play 2018

In double game 4 players play a badminton game with each other. In the game the two important parts are a proper technique and a proper racket to help your every move during the game. From a single game double is much faster and for this faster game you need a faster racket to react quickly to every shot from your opponent players.

Top Badminton Rackets For Doubles:

Looking for best badminton racket for doubles? yes, then we have a list below that you would love to checkout.

best badminton rackets for double

Yonex Nanoray 900:

Though a lot a people don’t like this racket because of the reason that people expected that this racket will be just like Nanospeed 9900. The difference between Nanospeed and this racket is Nanospeed head is heavy which is suitable for offensive play while Nanoray 900 head is a bit light which makes it perfect for double game play. This racket is best suited for lifts, blocks and net shots.

Victor Jetspeed 10:

Jetspeed series are introduced after brave Swords. Like Brave Swords Jetspeed are also very fast rackets actually more better and faster than Brave Swords. Its power is also very great than the previous series. The other point about these rackets are their frame is a little smaller than the average rackets. Overall racket is best suited for double play.

Yonex Voltric Z-Force II:

This racket has the most power among all the yonex rackets. In double game you need to react fast with a powerful hit so this racket is very good for double game of badminton. This racket is evenly balances and contains a little weight heavier than other voltric rackets.

Yonex Doura 77:

I personally recommend this racket for you to use because it got a features different from other double players rackets. This racket is light in weight comes in different colors and is very durable you can use it for many years.