Nova Launcher Prime 4.2.1 Beta A1

Nova Launcher Prime is a high customizable, performance driven launcher for Android users. With Nova Launcher prime you can replace your home screen of Android version 4.1 and above. The nova launcher home is highly customazialbe and controllable. In nova launcher prime you can easily change icon themes, layouts, animations, background, themes and a lot more.

Features Of Nova launcher Prime:

Ok, Google:

Just from the home screen Nova launcher Prime enables you to use the search option of Google Play Store Just by saying Words OK, Google. This option is only available and can be used on Nova launcher Prime others launchers don’t have this facility.

Color Themes:

Set eye catching attractive themes for your display and provide different separate colors to each and every icon you use in the Nova Launcher prime.

Icon Themes:

There are millions of Icon Themes available in the Google Play Store for Nova Launcher prime which enables you to give different themes to your Nova Launcher prime any time you want and give your launcher a new and different look from time to time.

Subgrid Positioning:

Nova launcher prime provide you greater control over your handset because in Nova Launcher prime you can position your subgrids easily.

APP Drawer:

In Nova Launcher Prime you can create different drawers in the app store.


Nova Launcher Prime is very fast and smooth to use.

Additional Information:

  • The App Name is Nova Launcher Prime.
  • The version of Nova Launcher Prime is 4.2.1 Beta A1.
  • The Nova Launcher Prime was developed and designed by Teslacoilsw.launcher.
  • The Nova Launcher Prime was placed in the Personalization category of App store.
  • Nova Launcher Prime can be used on Android Version of 4.1 and above.
  • The total size of APK is 5.0 Mb.

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds

If you are a smart phone user and you like to listen music with your handset then you have two options the first one is to listen music with headphones and the other option is to buy yourself a pair of Wireless Earbuds. The most commonly used option for listening to music is headphones. Most of the people from around the world like to listen music with headphones but headphones are only effective if you are sitting in a chair or lying in your bed. If you want to listen music during walking, running or any physical exercise then headphones will give you a real headache because of its irritating wires which will continuously get in your way and you have to set it and adjust it again and again. The best solution for this problem is to buy yourself a pair of wireless earbuds. Wireless Earbuds are best option for users because they are free from wires and you don’t need to worry about it like you worry while using headphones. Most of the people have wrong perception about earbuds that they are all very expensive but it is not true there are budget friendly Earbuds available in the market too which you can buy and use it in your home and also during your workout.

Here in this Article we will provide you the list of Budget friendly Wireless earbuds and also explain you what to look for before buying Wireless Earbuds for yourself.

List Of Budget Wireless Earbuds:

Here is the list of best Wireless Earbuds for you which you can buy within your budget.

  1. Optoma NuForce Be Sport 3.
  2. Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds.
  3. Jabra Move Wireless.
  4. AKG N60NC Wireless.
  5. Plantronic BackBeat Pro 2.
  6. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Things To Look For Before Buying Wireless Earbuds:

  • Design
  • Confort
  • Water Resistant.
  • Battery Life.
  • Secure

These are the Four Major things which you should check before you buy Earbuds for yourself.


Design is the first thing which you should consider before buying your Wireless earbuds. There are millions of different designs of earbuds available in the market. Some of them have magnets in their earphones some are made up of metal, some wood and other plastics. The main thing which you should know before purchase that what is your need what type of design best suited you. There are earbuds which are connected with each other through wires, some are connected through a plastic frame while other don’t have any connection between there ear phones. Select a design that perfectly full fill your needs and wants.


The next critical thing in comfort. If you use Earbuds just for few time then any type of earbuds is ok for you but if you are purchasing earbuds in a view to use it for hours then go for the earbuds which are really comfortable and don’t bother your ears.

Water Resistant:

You Earbuds must be water resistant because mainly people buy earbuds for there exercises and during exercise one gets sweat so you should make sure that your earbuds are water and sweat resistant. There are hundreds of earbuds available in the market which are made up with additional coating to resist water and sweat. Go for those earbuds which are water resistant.

Battery Life:

Long battery life is important for every earbuds. There are different earbuds which provide you different battery life. Go for the Earbuds which provide you atleast eight hours of battery life. Battery life depends on your need.


Your Earbuds Must be secure means it don’t fall off from your ears.


Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak GIF Images Download Free

Eid 2018 is coming with many interesting occasions. And we want which you make this eid the satisfactory eid of your existence consequently this eid you have to do something thrilling and some thing new.

So, if you have decided to send some thing new for your buddies then you definately need to strive out eid mubarak gif this time.

In case you don’t know, let me tell you gif additionally known as snap shots interchange format is one of the photographs record which contains each animated and static photographs. The lively eid mubarak gif that you could send in your buddies could be pretty a super idea. The purpose is that now not many people recognise approximately gif and only few human beings send those snap shots in comparison to preferred eid mubarak needs and eid ul fitr wishes that mainly people send. And different people ship eid mubarak playing cards. Few human beings additionally send eid mubarak films and eid ul fitr mubarak films.

But you can do something new this eid via sending eid ul fitr mubarak gif for your buddies and circle of relatives participants. Consequently below i’ve added numerous gif for you. You can down load them completely unfastened underneath. Down load technique is also explained.

Eid ul fitr mubarak gif:

As stated above, you can down load the eid ul fitr gif playing cards underneath (down load method shared at the give up) and ship them on your pal through unique methods (also shared beneath).

So, with out in addition postpone, we could start with the cards:

Eid ul fitr gif cards:

Here are some of the eid ul fitr gif cards loose for you:

eid ul fitr gif 2018

eid ul fitr gif for friends

eid ul fitr gif for loved ones


CreeHack All Versions

CreeHack Review:

CreeHack is basically a hacking tool designed for Android users. CreeHack can hack most of the Android games and apps for Android users without the need of rooting their devices. CreeHack enable you to:

  • Download paid apps for your Android smart phone free of cost.
  • Download paid games for your Android smart phone free of cost.
  • Download or acquire useful resources of different games free of cost such as gems, coins, gold, life, ammunition, guns, tools etc.
  • Upgrade the version of your apps and games from play store free of cost.
  • Skip various game levels if you don’t want to spend hours on them.
  • CreeHack All Versions

How to Download and Install CreeHack:

Downloading and installation of CreeHack apk is very simple. You can download and install CreeHack by following the simple steps below.

  • Go to the web and search for CreeHack.
  • Download CreeHack when it appear on your display of your device.
  • Make sure that you download CreeHack from an authentic sources.
  • Download CreeHack for free.
  • Install CreeHack on your device.
  • Before downloading any app and game using CreeHack make sure in the options you enable the download from unknown sources.

How to Use CreeHack Effectively:

First thing to keep in mind that CreeHack works only for offline apps and games. It will download those apps and games which work for you while you are offline. For downloading different paid apps and games with your CreeHack first open CreeHack and tape the name of the app and game which you want to download and install on your device. Then click on purchase option without providing any payment details. Wait for the downloading to be completed.

Download All Version Of CreeHack:

The following are all of the launched versions of CreeHack.

  • CreeHack apk v1.2.
  • CreeHack apk v1.6.
  • CreeHack Apk v1.8.
  • Click the link in the heading above to download all these versions for free.

AC Market 3.2.0 Mod Plus APK

Welcome to Ac Market one of the biggest and smartest apps and games store which enables you to download your favorite apps and games easily and free of cost. With time people likes to explore new things with additional features. If you are tired of using Google play store and want to try some thing new, cool and more advantageous than google play store go for Ac Market.

AC Market 3.2.0

Ac Market Vs Google Play store:

The following are the differences between Ac Market and Google play store.

  • Google play store only contains recognized and official apps and games. But AC Market contains both official and unofficial apps and games which makes AC Market more better than Google Play store because it provides you more options and useful games.
  • Some useful games and apps for android users are paid in Google play store which most of the users don’t like to pay money for apps and games but while in AC Market the apps which are paid in google play store are free of cost. Means in AC Market you don’t need to pay a single penny for any app or game.
  • The apps which you download from google play store are not transferable but the apps of AC Market are transferable.

Additional Information:

  • AC Market has a free license.
  • AC Market is operated on Android systems.
  • AC Market has a main language English and it has 13 more languages.
  • AC Market can be operated on Android version of 4.0.3 and above.
  • AC Market was developed and designed by
  • The total size of AC Market 3.2.0 is 5.48MB.
  • About 131467 Android users have downloaded and installed this APK on their Android smart phones From Google play store and their number are increasing on daily basis.
  • AC Market was updated on date 02.13.2017.

Download AC Market 3.2.0 Mod Plus APK

You can download AC Market 3.2.0 Mod Plus APK free via the link of the official site given above in the heading.

AIO Social Video Chat APK 2018

This app in your smart phone will be the reason for your excitement. With this app in your smart phone you will be able to communicate with your friends, family, etc by seeing his face just like you are taking with your friend as he is sitting in front of you. With this app with you don’t need to bother yourself with texting someone. There are also other video call apps in the play store but we are talking about ALO because it is the best video call app you will ever experience in your life.

Smart Video Chatting:

ALO PEN allows you to talk with your friends and family in a more better and efficient way. The video and voice quality of this app is so clear that it will surely make you believe that you are talking with some one who is sitting in front chair of you. You can easily communicate gestures and body language to one another with this app.

Faster And Speedy:

In this app every one has its own personal no you can directly connect and communicate with some one by directly dialing his no without any delay. This app is better from the other available in the play store because it saves times.

Features Of AIO Social Video Chat APK 2018:

The following are some of the main features of this app.

  • This app provide you ALO PEN feature which enables you to communicate with your friends in a clear video chat.
  • This app allows your to build your profile which contains some basic information about you like your name, your country name, your age, your area of interest, and languages and many many more about you if you like to share it with others.
  • During video chat you can send some special stickers to the person you are talking to express your emotions and feelings.

8 Ball Pool Mod APK

In play store this is one of the most played and popular game among Android users. A lot of Android users spend much of their spare time playing this games on their cell phones. This game allows you to play with other player and with bot. in this game you have to collect coins you are provided coins when you win from your opponent. You need to spend more and more time to get experience of the game then you will be able to win from your opponent and score coins. Well but not that simple to earn coins and win from other players because they also try their level best to beat you if you once played this game then you will know the consequences.

download 8 ball pool mod apk

Street 8 Ball Pool:

With this game installed on your Android you don’t need to visit your Street 8 ball pool court because this game provide you the features just like you are playing it real. With a good smart phone you will get the real experience of this game. This game is very popular among Pool game lovers. First for experience you need to play this game with the Bot. winning from bot is not that simple and you wont earn any coins but its best for learning this game and getting experience and tricks which will then help you a lot when you play with the opponent players. If you have played enough with the bot then you can easily beat your opponents.

Some Additional Information About 8 Ball Pool Mod APK:

  1. This game was last updated on date 27 December 2017.
  2. This game can be played on Android version of 4.0 and version above this.
  3. 500000000 users installed and are playing this game on daily basis.
  4. This game was developed and designed by Miniclip.

Download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK

You can download the latest modded apk of 8 ball pool from the link that is given above in the heading. Click on the heading above and you would be redirected to a page where you can download the modded version of this 8 ball pool. Features of mod are also listed there.


Best Rackets Available For Double Play 2018

In double game 4 players play a badminton game with each other. In the game the two important parts are a proper technique and a proper racket to help your every move during the game. From a single game double is much faster and for this faster game you need a faster racket to react quickly to every shot from your opponent players.

Top Badminton Rackets For Doubles:

Looking for best badminton racket for doubles? yes, then we have a list below that you would love to checkout.

best badminton rackets for double

Yonex Nanoray 900:

Though a lot a people don’t like this racket because of the reason that people expected that this racket will be just like Nanospeed 9900. The difference between Nanospeed and this racket is Nanospeed head is heavy which is suitable for offensive play while Nanoray 900 head is a bit light which makes it perfect for double game play. This racket is best suited for lifts, blocks and net shots.

Victor Jetspeed 10:

Jetspeed series are introduced after brave Swords. Like Brave Swords Jetspeed are also very fast rackets actually more better and faster than Brave Swords. Its power is also very great than the previous series. The other point about these rackets are their frame is a little smaller than the average rackets. Overall racket is best suited for double play.

Yonex Voltric Z-Force II:

This racket has the most power among all the yonex rackets. In double game you need to react fast with a powerful hit so this racket is very good for double game of badminton. This racket is evenly balances and contains a little weight heavier than other voltric rackets.

Yonex Doura 77:

I personally recommend this racket for you to use because it got a features different from other double players rackets. This racket is light in weight comes in different colors and is very durable you can use it for many years.